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The all new Tough-Rack has been specificaly designed to handle the extreme conditions and loads dished up by Kiwi and Aussie Adventure tourers. The Ventura "Tough-Rack" system is heaver and stronger than the Ventura "Bike-Pack" system however they utilise all existing Ventura Bike-Packs and the Monza 42-56 litre Panniers.

The innovative design features a bolt on Pack-Frame can be positioned vertically or removed all together. The ADVentura Tough-Rack system comes as model specific Rear Carrier and Pannier-Mount assemblies, which can be purchased together with a choice of different packs and soft panniers or as stand alone Tough-Rack only.


Ventura are working hard on new models for this new system and they will be added here as soon as they are in production.