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Ventura's famous Bike-Pack Systems are world renowned for value and quality. All of Ventura's luggage kits are individually engineered for each model. You can rest assured that there is sound engineering behind your Ventura Bike-Pack System.

The Bike-Pack System offers unprecedented versatility. The frame that holds the pack (known as a Pack-Frame or Pack-Rack) can be removed in a few seconds, you can mount a Grab-Handle instead, or the smaller Sports-Rack. The bags themselves are available in a four sizes and styles. All Ventura's bags are made from top quality materials for extended life and durability. All in all, a very well thought out piece of kit for motorcyclists who like to travel well equipped.

The designers and engineers at Ventura have put plenty of thought into the design to offer you a luggage system that helps with mass centralisation by carrying the load as close to the centre of the bike as possible (especially when riding solo). It also distributes the load along the bike centre-line. Having the luggage positioned in this way also reduces wind resistance, which helps maintain handling and manoeuverability of your bike and helps maintain its street appeal.

The Ventura Bike-Pack System luggage is sold in kit form, so you have everything you need in one box to get your luggage on board and hit the road in no time. 

Ventura motorcycle products are respected around the world for their innovative design, quality and attention to detail. For many years Ventura have been manufacturing products that meet the demands and needs of motorcyclists. Some Ventura products may have been copied - but have definitely never been bettered.

We offer 5 different kits for your bike that offer different looks and luggage capacities. The kits range from the Sports Kit which gives you 10L of storage to the aamzing Aero-Spada Touring Kit gives you 51 litres of storage space on your bike.

  • When I'm not using the luggage kit, what do I do with the frame?
    The frame can be left on your bike because other than making it more difficult to mount your steed, it doesn't interfere with the operation of your bike in anyway. However we offer a grab handle that can replace the Sports Rack or the Pack frame for pillion security and a cleaner 'look".
  • How long is the warranty on the Ventura Luggage Kit?
    All Ventura products have a warranty period of twelve months. We are very proud of these products they are extremely reliable and we back them 100%.    
  • How much weight can I carry?
    The Ventura Bike-pack system is rated to carry 9 kgs maximum. Whilst this does not seem like much, try carrying 9kgs in a back pack. When compared to the measly 5 kgs maximum of most OEM luggage options the Ventura system stacks up very well.  
  • How hard is the Bike-pack system to fit?
    Just as the complexity and design of motorcycles are so varied, so are the designs of the Ventura system. 
    Some L Brackets (the specifically designed metalwork that bolts to your bike) can be mounted with four bolts in a few minutes and some take longer. For most of the modern design bikes the main method of mounting is at the rear footrest brackets and a cross member that will bolt up underneath the rear duck tail.
  • Which pack too choose? 
    All four pack options will fit the same pack frame so no problem to mix and match. Choose the Suzuka as a budget option it is tough and well prooven although a little out dated in the looks department. If practicality is your thing choose the Rally-euro at 44 litre when compacted it is neither too large or too small and can expand up to 56 litres for huge space when required. The Aero packs are designed to create less turbulance and buffeting due to a more aero dynamyc shape and have the ability to zip to themselves or each other running one facing forwards and one facing rearwards, plus with the Aero-delta 15-35 in most cases it will fit facing forwards leaving enough space for a pillion passenger.   
  • Why do Ventura always show the pack on backwards? 
    Ventura always recommend placing the pack forwards if you can, to ensure the mass is closer to the centre of gravity of the bike to optimise the handling of your bike, however this is not necessary and the pack can be positioned any way you like depending on your preferences.